Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog 5: Pro-feminist men

Kacy Catanzaro is my hero. She is the most inspiring female in will power and heart. She is a gymnast which helps her in precision for Ninja Warrior. Five-foot flat and only a hundred pound is good for pulling herself up things but does not help with reaching thing. If there is an obstacle that she can’t reach with her shorter arms, then she has only her momentum which is also difficult when weighs a lot less than the males. She is the first female to finish this course in 2014.

Brent Steffensen is her coach and boyfriend. This guy is amazing for not only supporting her but is helping her share the spot light with him in the Nina Warrior completions. Most guys would want to know that they are stronger than their female partner but this guy wants her to be just as tough as he is.

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