Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FIU Football Player Attacked With Boiling Water By Girlfriend

This article is in relation to an FIU football player having a boiling pot of hot water poured on him by his girlfriend because “she was not receiving enough of his attention”. It has been confirmed that Mary Gaspar, 20, from Miami Gardens, FL is currently 5 months pregnant with Jonnu Smith, FIU tight end, baby and that she allegedly poured a pot of boiling hot water on her boyfriend on October 31st.
It is evident that there was a power struggle between the couple and in this case the only way the girlfriend (or the submissive individual) found to gain power of her boyfriend (the dominant individual) was to physically injure him. In doing so, she was able to “even the playing field” almost, and make herself feel equal to her counterpart. This incident follows the gender constructs that women are the more emotional gender, and probably due to her hormonal imbalance because of her pregnancy, she felt compelled to go through with this act, and in retrospect, knows she is extremely wrong for her actions towards Mr. Smith.

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