Thursday, November 3, 2016

Masculinity in the Time of Trump

I recently stumbled across this article, entitled “Masculinity in the Time of Trump.” 

This article is an interesting analysis on Trump’s supporters, the average supporter being a blue-collar man who sees the privilege he is used to having being challenged. I think this puts up a good point. Men have grown comfortable with the spot they hold in society, and feel entitled to the privilege they have grown up with. Michael Kimmel sums this up well in the article: “I have one question for you guys, and it’s about the word ‘my.’ Where did you get the idea that it was your job? Why not call it the job?” That’s what entitlement sounds like.”

Another point made in the article was particularly chilling, that some men view Trump as a fantasy figure. They view Trump as someone who can get any woman he wants, get anything he wants with all the money he has, and who can get away with anything. The fact that some men aspire to be like this is particularly unsettling to me because of how misogynistic and entitled this fantasy is.

This article is definitely an interesting read and take on Trump's supporters and why they are supporting Trump. 


Michelle Francis said...

Trump himself said that he can get any women he wants because he is famous. Money is the root of all evil. He feels that because he has money, he can do and say whatever he wants and guess what "Donald" you cannot. You have to be respectful no matter how much money you have in the bank.

HeatherJ said...

In my gender class, I just read a section in the book that talks about violence in media that includes video games. Sociologist Michael Kimmel wrote "Guyland" and interviewed young, white, male college students and learned about the three Rs of videogames. (1)Relaxation: escape from "weight of adult demands and rules of social decorum. (2) Revenge: against those who have ursurped what you thought was yours. "Felt they were victims of a world that places needs and interests of women and people of color above their own." (3) Restoration: ability to decide what another person does; feel restored to a state of power and privilege they feel no longer exists for them. One senior, white male college student at Vanderbilt University who had just been accepted to law school explained to Kimmel his feeling that both women and minorities with lower grades and abilities prevented him from getting into universities like Duke and the University of Virginia. "It's not fair. My family didn't own slaves. We're from Pennsylvania, for Chrissakes. I'm not racist; I don't care what color you are. But I shouldn't be penalized because of my race, my color, right I mean, that's just not fair." (446) Research on affirmative action policies doesnt support contention that white men are victims of discrimination because of preference policies.
Wow, just Wow! smh