Tuesday, November 1, 2016

No Homo

No Homo is a slang that people use to ensure that others don’t think that they are gay or bisexual.  It was originated in the early 1990's and was introduced to hip hop by a group called DipSet out of Harlem New York. Lil Wayne was the one who made it popular and then athletes started using the word.  Although people might use the phrase jokingly, it is very offensive and homophobic.  I believe that Cameron is insecure about his sexuality.  After reading "Gosh, Boy George You Must Be Awfully Secure In Your Masculinity" I truly believe that only a person who is free to be whoever they want to be is truly secure with their sexuality.  The problem is that most of these rapper or homophobic people believe that being masculine is equal to being a man and it's not.

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