Monday, November 7, 2016

Toxic Masculinity

I saw this image of a father and son circling around social media and the discussion it promoted about "toxic masculinity." When you see the comments under this picture wherever it is posted, you see how many people (especially men) think that this image is somehow inappropriate. A picture of a mother and daughter posed in this same fashion would never receive the same kind of negative comments like the ones received from the picture above. The conversation about toxic masculinity is an important one to have, and the reactions to this photo show why. Apparently, any form of cuddling or affection between two men goes against the rules of masculinity and portrays the men showing affection as homosexual. Yes, this is a toxic idea. Men grow up not allowing themselves to be affectionate towards their fathers or other men that they love and care for because of the fear of being called gay. This not an issue that girls and women have to face and it's important to ask why. Why is it taboo/gross/inappropriate/weird for two men to be close to each other and to have affection for each other? And why is it different for girls and women?

Viral father and son picture sparks debate on ‘toxic masculinity’

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