Monday, November 7, 2016

Black Masculinity

I found this video to be very moving and a great example of how black masculinity can be embraced. What we have learned throughout our Theories of Masculinity course is how masculinity is perceived and acted out. One of the biggest stereotypes of masculinity is that to be a "man," you have to be tough. This means never showing weakness and never crying. This video is very important because it shows that men ARE allowed to cry because crying is just a natural part of being a man and there should be no shame in that. Not only does this video educate one on masculinity, but specifically black masculinity. It touches on the fact that being a black man and a black father brings unique challenges to one's life, but as long as one is focused and channels their emotions in a healthy way, one can overcome anything. I feel that if men embraced their emotions and believed it was acceptable to cry, they could overcome so many obstacles and grow to be better human beings.

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