Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Man Box and Children

We all believe that men should act in a certain manner, always be strong and never weak.  Do we realize that we teach our children from a young age how they should think and act, what they should like and dislike?  My sweet nephew (first time Aunt here!) is only three months old, and I realized the other day that I was already talking to him about what it's like to be a boy!  When he cries, I have caught myself talking to him, saying "Preston!  What's wrong?  Boys don't cry, they are strong!"  I would then do what I could to make him feel better.  I have also caught myself talking to him about playing sports - soccer specifically because of his cute chubby little legs.  I am assuming that he will be a manly man and play sports.  I do not say or do these things on purpose, it just comes naturally.  I act out what I have been taught as well.  In reality, I want Preston to grow up being able to express himself, including crying when he is sad.  If he doesn't end up being interested in sports, I will be okay with that.  I will support and love him no matter what!  He doesn't have to be put into the man box.  I will monitor my thoughts and words when I speak to him.  I want to encourage him to be who he is, and not feel like he has to act and think like a man "should."

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